The Development Process

Information Architecture

Getting to know you

 The first conversations about your project often start with an email or phone call.
 During the discovery phase, we are interested in finding out what your goals are for your business, your measures of success, your perceived technology requirements, and how design and technology can satisfy these requirements.
  Even if you don’t have an exact idea, we also like to get a general idea how big your website will be and how big you want it to become. Some websites don’t expand much (or at all), and yet many others will require weekly, daily, or sometimes hourly content additions.

Download and fill in the Project brief

Site Map creation

 A useable sitemap is created that contains a page by page index of the content information structure.
 Client review and progress report.

Content Inventory

 Gather together as much of the core content as possible. This includes any new content as well as old content from an existing site.

Time and money

How much it will cost

 We will take the time to put together a detailed price proposal outlining in simple language including a description of your project requirements, our proposed ideas and solutions, a timeline for completion, and the cost for our services.

If we are in agreement on price, then a 50% down payment gets the project underway and moving to the next phase.

Design — from idea to beautiful pixels

 At this point in the project, you will be involved in providing the creative feedback needed so that a final design can be decided on and given a sign-off of approval.

Creative discovery

 We discuss and learn your site audience, typical visitors and brand guidelines.

Making wireframes

 List of all design elements, that are to be displayed on the home page. With this list, several different wireframe layouts are designed. We find this the easiest way to ensure the mockups are on target. It’s easier to change a wireframe than a polished mockup.

Creating initial mockups

 Based on the wireframes, an initial set of mockups are created. We usually create 2 initial mockups, than get your feedback and progress to secondary mockups.

Secondary mockups

 Based on the initial mockups a set of secondary mockups are created to cater for pages other than the home page.

Production ready and design approval

 After the design is approved, the development process begins.

Development — Make it a reality

Technical discovery

 Review the project to date and validate the technology requirements. We help client to choose correct for current site Content Management System (CMS).

Coding approved design

 Standards-based coding practices are employed to ensure your website is up-to-date and fully accessible to the Internet world. So, as a result at this point, html templates are developed.

Content Management System Integration

 Integration of html templates into a CMS. Create custom functionality as required.

Browser Testing & Client Review

 Test all functionality and review site in all major browser/platform combinations.

Finally, Website Launch!

Final testing and launch.